About us

KMOP Policy Center was established in Brussels in 2020, with the aim to conduct in-depth research, produce impactful, evidence-based policies, and advocate on social issues. 

Capitalizing on our long experience in the provision of social services, we analyze, design and recommend policies that promote social welfare, individual well-being and equal opportunities, bringing real change for individuals and communities.


The Policy Center is an integral part of KMOP. 

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What we do


KMOP Policy Center conducts in-depth research that addresses critical social issues, enlightens public debate and enhances policy formation, nationally and internationally.

Experiments for Social Progress

We develop systematic empirical evidence about the likely advantages and disadvantages of policy proposals via the conduct of social experiments.

Social Impact Assessment

We have developed the Reframing Welfare Index (RWI), an innovative tool for social policy assessment and evaluation. RWI assesses the impact that various initiatives, programs and investments have on welfare in Europe’s different regions.

As part of its efforts to design and advocate on policies that generate a social impact, KMOP has been also engaged in various technical assistance projects in many third countries, mainly in Europe (i.e. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia), Asia (i.e. Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) and Africa (i.e. Egypt, Namibia, Burkina Faso), providing consulting in social policy issues.

Scientific Board

Dr. George Melios


Prof. Antonios Klapsis


Suada Ismailaja

fundraising & implementation manager